[Private] To Koby Only

Koby, sorry for being a little late. Work schedule dragged me behind. I'm using one of my co-worker's laptop right now. Anyway, uhhh, I got something for you so... I hope you're at our dorm...still awake. Becasue I'd like to give it to you while you're still awake...

That is all
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[Public] Back from Hawaii

Thus ends the wonderful Christmas vacation! Oh how I wish I didn't have to part from the nice warm weather of Hawaii and come back to this cold country.

Damn, I haven't donee any of my winter break homework... Things are going to be very hectic soon, I can feel it.

How was everyone else's holiday? Get all the gifts you wanted/needed?

I tried sneaking into the house, seeing as my roommate was already asleep and I arrived early this morning. I accidentally tripped over a chair while carrying my luggage into the room (honestly, this dorm isn't even fit for a dwarf!). I made quite the ruckus, but Koby didn't seem to have waken up so I just decided to leave my stuff where it fell for now. Can't see a thing anyway. Well, I'm off to bed. Pray I won't trip on anything else.

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(Public ) Away from the cold

My deep and sincere apologies for not updating my journal for such a long time! Those finals have been keeping me busy, as were some other things... Ahem.

My roommate and I, against my free will, cleaned our dorm room. It was the worst experience yet, for I have discovered a wreched rodent infesting our cleanliness! Thank god I'm leaving. Although I did enjoy that milkshake we had at McDonalds afterwards with Koby.

Well, all tests are done with and now I must be off to escape this unbearable weather! My skin condition has been damaged severely from this horrid winter! So, I am off with my father to spend the Christmas holiday in Hawaii while you poor people have to live in this terrible climate of the dead season.

I shall return on the 2nd of January.
Far thee well,

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- To Koby -

Koby, I believe that was your name? I'm sorry I couldn't get in contact with you since I gave you that note. Things have been hectic and I've been very busy getting my things together, arranging class schedules, finding my way around school (it's freakin' HUGE! How can you not get lost on your first time there?).

I'm currently in a temporary housing not too far from school with all my luggage (there's quite a lot). Where do you live? And when is a good time to move in?

Exhausted and sleepy

PS. Wow... you cleaned the entire house just for me o_o; Thanks!
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(Public) Greetings from me

Ah, my first official journal post. I am just starting at the new university my father has sent me to. I hope it lives up to it's expectation or I'll have to send terrible news to my father to do something about it.

Welp. Nothing else to share I'm afraid. Sooo...ho hum, I am done.

Perfect Me
~ Helmeppo
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